The goals behind the formation of FOUNDATION FOR COSMIC RELIGION, a non-profit charitable organization, are mainly two: to teach and actively live the truth of the underlying unity of the world’s religions, all of which are under the care and observation of OneGod who has many Names. To teach appreciation and tolerance—maybe even reverence if we do it right!—for the unique expression of God in all the major religions is the goal of the organization and the people who are drawn to support it.

We are not advocating the creation of a new religion or a mish-mash of religions or even religious ideas, either (God, no!) but rather an understanding of our common Parentage and the truth of the existence of one and only one God behind all the names and forms. This OneGod simply does not care how It is worshiped or by what Name. It is that knowledge, it is that understanding which manifests as Love of OneGod. It is that which is “cosmic religion.” It is a universal realization—not one which must be acquired, but rather one which reveals itself in the hearts of people who truly love God. That veil must be lifted in the majority of people if we are to succeed in thwarting the evils and effects of fanaticism.

Toward that end, it is our determined intent to create and foster a small religious community and retreat center in Mount Shasta, California comprised of an association of fully functioning churches, mosques and temples of eight of the world’s major religious traditions. This will also be a teaching facility staffed by ministers ordained in their own traditions and trained here in the principles of “cosmic religion.” More specific information is available at the link above entitled Shasta Center of Universal Peace – the Shasta CUP.